ped  termal evaporator  UHV (1)

Pulsed Electron Deposition (PED) System


Thermal Evaporation System 

 Kurt J. Lesker  Home-built

Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) System

 4  5  6
 Electronic Characterization System  Opto-electronic Characterization System  Four-probe and Hall Effect Measurement System

 plasma  sutter  m2
Zepto RIE O2/Ar Plasma System SPI-module DC Sputter Coater   Polos-spin 150i/200i infite spin coater

 M1  wire bonder  
 Optika B-500 Optical Microscope  Home-built Cu wire bonder  Desiccator     


We have also full access to use the infrastructure and equipments in Center for Materials Research and the Clean Room in Applied Quantum Researches Center of IZTECH.