Doctoral Thesis

Developing Graphene-Organic Hybrid Electrodes for Silicon Based Schottky Devices
Hasan AYDIN, July 2018

Functionalized CVD Grown Graphene For Gas Sensing Applications

Master Thesis

Nanotribological Properties of Epitaxial Graphene Grown on Silicon Carbide Semiconductor
Yasemin KESKİN, July 2018

The Effect of Atmospheric Gases on The Electrical Stability of Graphene
Sırrı Batuhan KALKAN, January 2018

Field Emission Electron Source Based on Silicon Carbide Nanopillars
Damla YEŞİLPINAR, July 2017

Self-orginized Network of Silicon Oxide on Epitaxial Graphene
Dilce ÖZKENDİR, May 2017

Synthesis And Nitrogen Doping of Graphene by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Alper YANILMAZ, May 2017

Developing Epitaxial Graphene Electrodes For Silicon Carbide Based Optoelectronic Devices
Erdi KUŞDEMİR, December 2015

The Growth of Epitaxial Graphene For Two-dimensional Electronics
Alnazir İBRAHİM, July 2015